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The indicative funding allocations for all local broadband areas in England and the Devolved Administrations allow local authorities to gauge the scale of broadband infrastructure support and the investment gap required to support the upgrade of infrastructure in their areas.

 Allocations by country  Modelled number of premises in white areas
 England total: £294.8 million  6,603,443
 Scotland: £100.8 million  1,392,322
 Wales: £56.9 million  899,867
 Northern Ireland: £4.4 million  99,340

Data model

Funding allocations for each local authority depend on the specific circumstances at the time that contracts are agreed, including market announcements on the deployment of broadband infrastructure.

Allocations are based on an assessment of the number of premises in each area without a reasonable broadband service and the costs of a suitable solution. BDUK does not use a per-household figure because costs vary  to reach each household.

BDUK has also taken into account existing levels of public and private sector investment. Government funding will need to be matched by local funding, to make investment attractive to the private sector. Funding could come from local authorities own resources, European or other sources and will only be available for projects where a local authority commences a procurement that is approved by BDUK.

State Aid

Local authorities must take account of the European Commission’s state aid and competition regulations. As part of the Framework Agreement process, BDUK is seeking umbrella state aid clearance from the Commission for all call-off contracts which should significantly reduce the risk of extended timescales for achieving clearance on individual projects.