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broadband delivery framework

The rural broadband programme will be delivered through numerous separate local projects with complex procurements. The lead local authorities will have responsibility for managing the procurement process (the Devolved Administrations will be responsible for the process in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

To help speed up the procurement process, BDUK has put in place a Framework Agreement, with input from a number of the pilot local authorities. Local authorities and other local bodies can run a mini-competition from the framework to select a specific supplier to deliver broadband services for a local project. The Framework Agreement will be between BDUK, as part of DCMS, and BT and Fujitsu, while each call-off contract will be between the relevant local bodies and a specific contractor. The Framework will be suitable for the majority of local broadband projects – i.e. those looking for an investment gap-funded model.

Framework Contract benefits:

  • Suppliers will need to only bid once to be selected for the Framework Agreement rather than face multiple procurements
  • The process will ensure more uniform private sector solutions while still enabling local requirements to be met through the individual call-off contracts
  • BDUK will seek state aid clearance from the European Commission for all call-off contracts which will avoid local bodies having to manage separate state aid clearance processes