Department for Culture Media and Sport


We are responsible for regulating and enabling growth in the UK’s telecoms market.

Nearly three decades of deregulation has left the UK with one of the world’s most open and competitive telecoms markets. Our job is to maintain growth in the sector and ensure consumers benefit from the diversity of the telecoms market.

We look after policy for both fixed-line and mobile telecoms, as well as being responsible for ensuring the UK has the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015, including a good level of service for virtually every community.

Our role


  • set and implement telecoms policy
  • sponsor the telecoms sector, both fixed-line and mobile, acting as their voice in Government
  • set broadband policy and facilitate the delivery of superfast broadband and universal access
  • are responsible for privacy regulations, where they relate to telecommunication
  • look after policy on the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for communication and broadcasting
  • are the parent department of Ofcom, the communications regulator

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