Department for Culture Media and Sport

european and international sport

We safeguard the UK’s sporting interests in Europe and around the world.

European Union (EU)

The Lisbon Treaty, ratified in December 2009, makes sport a formal EU competence. This means the EU has the right to act directly in relation to sport for the first time. This limited competence allows the EU to propose ‘incentive measures' and recommendations, but but not to make laws and regulations affecting all Member States.The European Commission adopted a Communication entitled Developing the European Dimension in Sport in January 2011.

Council of Europe

The Council of Europe oversees conventions on anti-doping, and spectator violence and misbehaviour at sports events, in which the UK plays a full role. We are not currently a member of the wider Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport, but we closely follow its events and programmes, and consider its impact on our policy areas.