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about taking part

Find out more about the taking part survey.

The survey’s main objectives are to:

  • provide a central, reliable evidence source that can be used to analyse cultural and sporting engagement, providing a clear picture of why people do or do not engage
  • meet the needs and interests of everyone who uses Taking Part data, including relevant public bodies and the public
  • underpin further research on driving engagement and the value and benefits of engagement

The survey provides annual data for children, and both annual and quarterly data for adults. It also contributes to the evidence base across a wide range of topics, including:

  • participation in culture and sport
  • satisfaction with and enjoyment of culture and sport
  • social capital
  • volunteering
  • barriers to participation

Taking Part is a continuous national survey, with fieldwork conducted by TNS-BMRB. It sampled responses from around 14,000 people in 2008/09.

Taking Part has been designated a National Statistic by the UK Statistics Authority, meaning that it meets the highest possible standards of quality.