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The Local Sport Profile tool, developed by Sport England, helps local authorities in England generate a sporting profile for their area in the form of charts and tables, bringing together data on sporting participation and provision.


This data is useful for local authorities and other partners involved in developing and delivering sporting opportunities in their communities.

The profiles were updated in February 2012 to include data from Active People Survey 5 released in December 2011. Data is taken from a variety of sources including the Active People Survey, Active Places, Department of Health and the Office of National Statistics.

The tool provides up-to-date information including:

  • Demographic data
  • Health data
  • Sports participation
  • Market segmentation
  • Facilities data with regional and national comparators
  • CIPFA’s nearest neighbour comparators
  • Economic performance data (sport related businesses)

Since February 2012 the tool now includes data on latent demand for sport (the proportion of adults who would like to do more sport); and latest Local Enterprise Partnerships profiles. In addition there have been a number of cosmetic changes, making the Tool more user-friendly.

The tool and instructions on how to use it are available on Sport England’s website.


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