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The Taking Part survey does far more than just measure targets and inform policy. Its broad content means that it gathers a range of information on all of our sectors, which can then be used for all sorts of analysis of culture and sport.

This page shows some of this research and analysis that has been carried out using Taking Part data.

Inspiring a generation:  A Taking Part report on the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
This report focuses on attitudes towards the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, looking at those who support and are against the Games and why.  A regression analysis looks at the key factors that most influence support for the Olympics.  There is also an in-depth look at the impact of the Games in motivating people to take up more sport, cultural activities and voluntary work.

Taking Part Survey Report and Regional Fact Sheets: Encouraging involvement in Big Society: a cultural and sporting perspective
This report seeks to better understand the Big Society landscape in relation to culture and sport, using the lastest Taking Part data.

Participation and engagement in cultural activities (PDF 454kb)
This paper analyses two key measures of demand for cultural activities: participation and frequency of participation in four cultural domains: libraries; museums and galleries; heritage sites; and archives and record offices.

Child participation in culture and sport: analysis of the 2008/09 Taking Part Survey (PDF 328kb)
Accompanying Appendices (PDF 450kb)
The report outlines participation by children aged 5-15 years in culture and sport. It covers: engagement and non-engagement in culture and sport, adult and household influences on child engagement and who children participate with, participation in and out of school, time spent participating and active and passive engagement.

Adult participation in sport: analysis of the Taking Part Survey (PDF 686kb)
The report outlines participation in sport by adults aged 16 and over. Where possible, comparisons have been made by age, sex, ethnicity, illness and household characteristics. Results are discussed in relation to the overall population, by sex, ethnic group, age group, household type and economic and social indicators, which comprise tenure, car ownership, academic attainment, socio-economic classification, employment status and income.

Volunteering factsheet (PDF 79kb)
This factsheet provides an overview of adult volunteering in England.

Understanding the drivers of volunteering in culture and sport: analysis of the Taking Part Survey (PDF 700kb)
This study used Taking Part Survey data to identify four distinct groups of volunteers: general, sport, multi-activity and arts and heritage. The study found that volunteers feel more able to influence changes to their local cultural and sports facilities and indeed the quality of their local environment more generally, and demonstrates that each sector has a distinct demographic profile which could be used for targeting and/or broadening volunteer opportunities.

Taking Part and Active People Surveys: an independent review (PDF 228kb)
Presents findings from a DCMS and Sport England commissioned review of the Taking Part and Active People Surveys. The review, undertaken by NatCen, explored options for collecting national and local level participation data, and presents options for how the two surveys might be merged or modified in order to improve efficiency.

Will expected demographic changes impact participation in culture and sport? Analysis of the Taking Part Survey (PDF 131kb)
Explores the extent to which changing demographics (particularly population ageing) might impact upon levels of engagement across culture and sport sectors.

Alternative methods of measuring participation in culture and sport: Analysis of the Taking Part Survey (PDF 230kb) 
A technical paper which examines alternative ways of measuring the extent to which adults participate in culture and sport.

Participation, engagement and intensity of sports participants: Analysis of the Taking Part Survey (PDF 539kb)
This paper analyses various measures of involvement in sport and their relationship with a number of demographic and economic factors. The analysis provides a detailed analytical appraisal of involvement in sport by investigating three dimensions: 1) the individual’s decision to participate in sport; 2) the level of engagement; and 3) the intensity with which individuals engage.

Barriers to participation: Analysis to inform the development of the 2010/11 Taking Part Survey (PDF 2.4mb)
Summarises findings from a programme of research on the levers and barriers on participation in culture and sport, which was used to inform the development of the 2010/11 Taking Part questionnaire.

Models of sporting and cultural activity: Analysis of the Taking Part Survey (PDF 342kb) 
A report detailing findings from multivariate analysis of the 2007/08 Taking Part Survey on the drivers of participation in culture and sport.

Changes in live music between 2005 and 2009
DCMS collects a range of high quality data on live music that, when analysed together with industry data, provides evidence of how the sector has fared in recent years.