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We produce a small set of official statistics outputs.

Much of the research and statistics relevant to our areas of responsibility is produced outside the department - see research links.

DCMS Official Statistics Catalogue

The DCMS Official Statistics Catalogue lists 'official statistics' produced by the DCMS and our Crown/Non-Crown bodies that are designated 'official statistics producers' under the Statistics and Registration Services Act 2007.

The Official Statistics Publication Timetable lists publication dates for these statistics, month by month to August 2013.

A list of Crown/Non-Crown bodies included under the Act can be found on the UK Statistics Authority website.

These statistics are produced according to the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

2011 changes to Arms Length Bodies’ statistics

The review of our Arms Length Bodies has implications for some of the Official Statistics produced by these bodies. We are recording the impact of these closures and mergers throughout 2011 on our changes to Arms Length Bodies’ statistics page.

The DCMS Statement of Compliance (PDF 220kb) gives details of our policies and strategies that ensure that we are fully compliant with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Official statistics (2009). These include our policies on revisions, data management, user engagement and complaints.

The DCMS Statement of Administrative Sources lists the administrative/management sources that are being used or potentially could be used in the future in the production of official statistics:

DCMS Plan to Develop Administrative Data Sources (PDF 72kb). DCMS' plans to develop our administrative sources are outlined here.

DCMS Statistical Work Plan 2012/13 (PDF 178kb). The work plan for the year April 2012 – March 2013 has been developed to meet the needs of users of our statistics and services, including DCMS policy and analysis colleagues, other Government Departments, ALBs and wider users.

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Latest Outputs

All statistics produced by DCMS can be accessed through the links in the left-hand navigator. The most recent releases of these statistics are listed below.

  Release date
Taking Part 2012/13 Quarter 2: Statistical Release 13/12/2012
Inspiring a generation:  A Taking Part report on the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games 13/12/2012
Entertainment Licensing 2012 16/12/2012
Export of Objects of Cultural Interests 2011/12 20/11/2012
Statistical release for treasure (2010 and 2011) and portable antiquities (2011) 25/10/2012
Sponsored Museums: Performance Indicators 2011/12 23/10/2012
School Games Indicator 2011/12 27/09/2012
Taking Part: 2012/13 Quarter 1: Statistical Release 20/09/2012
Taking Part: 2011/12 Statistical Release 23/08/2012
Taking Part: 2011/12 Quarter 4: Statistical Release 28/06/2012
Taking Part: 2011/12 Quarter 3: Statistical Release 29/03/2012
Taking Part: 2011/12 Quarter 2: Statistical Release 21/12/2011
Olympics Indicator 08/12/2011
Creative Industries Economic Estimates 08/12/2011
Export of Objects of Cultural Interest 2010/11 15/11/2011
Museum Performance Indicators 2010/11 10/11/2011
2004-06 Sport Satellite Account for the UK 27/10/2011
Charitable Giving to Cultural Institutions funded by DCMS 2011/11 25/10/2011
Treasure & Portable Antiquities 12/10/2011
Taking Part – Adult and Child Report 2010/11 18/08/2011
Local Area Statistics on adult participation in sport and culture – Active People Survey 5 16/06/2011
National Indicator 8: Interim data 17/06/2010
Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment Licensing Statistics 2009/10 29/09/2010
Free Swimming Programme Data: April 2009 to July 2010 15/09/2010
Estimates of Productivity of the Creative and Tourism and Leisure Industries 08/06/2010
Museum and Gallery Monthly Visit Figure Totals 2004/05 to 2009/10 Updated monthly

Upcoming Releases

Expected release date
Taking Part: 2012/13 Quarter 3 Statistical Release 21 March 2013


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