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national lottery promotions unit

The National Lottery Promotions Unit promotes positive public awareness and balanced media reporting of Lottery grants to good causes.

Our 2002 consultation on the future of the National Lottery identified a need for greater public information and awareness about what the National Lottery is funding, particularly in local communities. In response we set up the National Lottery Promotions Unit with the Lottery distributing bodies and the current Lottery operator, Camelot.

The Unit’s key achievements include:

  • Successful delivery of a range of creative PR initiatives including the annual National Lottery Awards which recognizes the difference to people, places and communities across the UK made by Lottery funded projects, plus the hard work and dedication of the people involved in them
  • Development of a common brand logo, in partnership with the Lottery distributors, designed to help show people how Lottery money is benefiting them, their community and the nation as a whole

Find out more about Lottery good causes and the Unit’s work to promote them on the Lottery Good Causes site

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