Department for Culture Media and Sport

local byelaws

Local authorities can make byelaws regulating the use of their public library facilities and saying how library users must behave.

Our role

The Secretary of State reviews and approves these byelaws.

Procedure for publishing byelaws

If you represent a local authority and wish to create or revise a byelaw, please use the Model Public Library Byelaws template RTF (49kb). Once you’ve completed the form, send it to us for draft approval at:

Libraries Team
Department for Culture, Media & Sport
2-4 Cockspur Street
London SW1Y 5DH

Or email it to

We will then authorise and return it to you. When you receive the approval, you must:

  • announce the proposed byelaws in local newspapers - view an example RTF (9kb)
  • deposit a sealed copy of the byelaws for public inspection at the offices of the local authority for one month from the date of the newspaper announcement.

Once this process has been completed you must send us:

  • the signed and sealed byelaws
  • newspaper cuttings showing the announcement
  • a certified copy of the byelaws for our records
  • confirmation that one month public inspection has taken place.

All local authorities must display copies of all their public library byelaws in any library building maintained by them and used by the public.