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socially responsible gambling

Gambling needs to be properly and carefully regulated. We have relatively low levels of problem gambling in Great Britain and we want to keep those levels down.

The gambling industry is different from other industries. What can be a harmless pastime for the majority may become a terrible addiction for a few.

The industry has duties to:

  • offer their products in a way that does not encourage repetitive play
  • support research into the causes of problem gambling and its treatment

The Gambling Act 2005 gives protection to people who have problems with their gambling. All gambling operators must act in a socially responsible way.

Responsibility in Gambling Trust

The industry established the Gambling Research, Education and Treatment foundation (GREaT) to fund the prevention and treatment of problem gambling. It funds research into causes and effective treatment methods.

RIGT has also increased funding for GamCare to ensure a telephone helpline and counselling.

Help organisations

Find out details of organisations working to tackle problem gambling.