Department for Culture Media and Sport

film policy review

Commissioned by DCMS and produced by an eight-strong independent panel chaired by Lord Chris SmithA Future for British Film – it begins with the audience made a number of recommendations designed to ensure that the film sector plays a key role in driving growth, while maximising audience access to films of every kind throughout the UK.

Read the Government's response to the recommendations.

Terms of reference

The principal objectives for the Review were:

1. To identify market failures preventing the creation of a more successful and fully integrated British film industry and, where possible, to use policy to help address these obstacles and assist in building a model which is adaptable enough to work effectively in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

2. To determine how best to set Policy directions for Lottery funding, and to deploy Lottery and Grant-in Aid funding generally to support the growth of a more successful UK film sector to the benefit of the public and the industry.

3. To identify ways to develop and retain UK talent to support this model; by building on our inherently British creativity and on existing skills strategies to maximise development of new and diverse talent across entrepreneurial, technical and creative disciplines.

4.  To help determine how best to increase audience demand for film, including independent British film, the BFI will lead work which will aim to maximise the impact of film education, in particular by looking at ways to consolidate existing initiatives.  This work will also aim to increase access UK-wide to our rich screen heritage, as well as inspiring new generations from all backgrounds to learn about, and participate in, film and film culture.