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european community certificates of nationality

When a film meets criteria European Community (EC) criteria, it is awarded an EC Certificate of Nationality. An EC Certificate of Nationality could give you more opportunities to exhibit your production in Europe.

Some EC countries have quotas on the number of non-EC films exhibited in their countries. Getting an EC Certificate of Nationality means your film will not be affected by these limits.
These certificates do not make a difference for tax relief purposes.

Applications for EC Certificates of Nationality

New applications

Contact the British Film Institute email:

If you require more than one certificate, send a covering letter with your application to request the number of certificates you need.

Copies of EC certificates issued by DCMS, and enquiries about certificates issued before April 2007

Email the DCMS Film Certification Officer

Film certificates 1940 to 1985

For distribution of British films made from 1940 to 1985 it may be useful, apart from EC Certificates, to obtain a copy of a British film certificate from the Films Register.

The Films Register is held by the Secretary of State at DCMS and requests for copy certificates should be made in writing, stating the film title and year of production, to the DCMS Film Certification Officer, email:

Film certificates 1928 to 1985

British film certificates issued from 1940-1985 are available for viewing on microfiche at the British Film Institute (BFI).

The BFI Library also has paper records of British film certification covering 1928-1985. These may be particularly useful for enquiring into the nationality of films from 1928 to 1940. Contact details and further information for the BFI Library.

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