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co-production agreements

The UK has nine existing co-production agreements, also known as treaties, with: Australia, Canada, France, India, Israel, Jamaica, New Zealand, Occupied Palestinian Territories and South Africa.

The UK is also a signatory to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.

The bi-lateral treaties and the European Convention allows creative control of a film to be shared between British and international partners.

Co-production status can help filmmakers by enabling them to qualify for benefits such as tax relief, production rebates or selective funding in both the UK and the partner country. To be eligible, films must comply with the relevant co-production treaty.

There have been 385 co-production films made over the last seven years, with an average UK expenditure of 35 per cent, which has been worth over £700 million to the economy.

The Certification Unit at the British Film Institute assesses all co-production applications on behalf of the Culture Secretary and liaises with the relevant competent authority in the partner country.

Copies of the agreements

Applications should also check the latest co-production news.

Latest news on co-production treaties

  • In September 2012, the UK and Brazil signed a film co-production treaty. This is currently in the process of being ratified.  We will update this page with updates on the progress of this treaty.
  • The UK/Occupied Palestinian Territories co-production treaty came into force on 12 April 2012
  • The UK/Israel co-production treaty came into force in August 2011

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