Department for Culture Media and Sport


We are responsible for supporting the UK’s publishing sector, our largest creative industry.

The publishing sector is made up of a diverse range of businesses operating both on- and off-line, including books, directories and databases, journals, magazines and business media, newspapers and news agencies.  It has a combined turnover of at least £20 billion, with more than 8,500 companies directly employing around 167,000 people.

At the heart of the sector lies a diverse range of companies that combine creativity, innovation and application with constantly evolving methods of production and distribution. In its quality, diversity and reach, UK publishing leads the world.

Our role


  • work across government to ensure publishing policy and regulation supports growth, quality and diversity
  • represent British publishing in the European Union, addressing issues like media pluralism, freedom of speech, access to information  and copyright
  • have a role in regulating media mergers to ensure the public interest is represented
  • work closely with the Intellectual Property Office to ensure copyright protection and moral rights regulations reflect the needs of industry and consumers