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The music industry is one the UK’s biggest and most culturally significant creative industries. It is a major contributor to the national economy.

The UK music industry:

  • contributes nearly £5 billion annually to the national economy, of which £1.3bn comes from exports earnings
  • employs around 130,000 people
  • is the third largest market in the world for sales of music
  • is second only to the USA as a source of repertoire

This success has been founded on the extraordinary supply and diversity of talent the UK has produced over the last 40 years.

UK artists, composers, producers, managers, music publishers, concert promoters and agents, record companies and online music entrepreneurs, interact to produce a dynamic, vibrant and ever changing industry.

Our support for the music industry

As sponsors of the music industry, we act as its advocate within Government. Our role is to ensure that appropriate weight is given to the industry’s interests in policies, legislation and programmes.

We work closely with a broad range of music industry partners and stakeholders to identify what can be done to improve and maximise the industry’s economic performance both in the UK and internationally.