Department for Culture Media and Sport

communities and local government

We work with local and regional government to maintain and improve the delivery of cultural and sporting services.

Support for local authorities

Local government is crucial in achieving our key cultural service delivery aims. It spends twice as much on providing cultural and sporting opportunities for communities as DCMS and the National Lottery combined.

Local authorities also have a statutory responsibility to deliver a comprehensive and efficient library service, and an important regulatory role over gambling.

We work closely with local authorities to help them maintain and improve delivery of cultural and sporting services and spread best practice.

The importance of culture, leisure and sport in addressing issues such as social inclusion, health and crime is becoming increasingly apparent.

  • Local Authorities spend over £3billion a year on our sectors
  • In 2009-10, Local Government net spend on culture and sport services was £3.46 billion (it was £3.32 billion in 2007-08) 

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