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The Consumer Expert Group (CEG) advises Government on consumer issues relating to the digital switchovers of television and radio.

Following the publication of the Digital Britain White Paper in June 2009, the CEG was asked to extend its role to examine how the proposals for a switchover of radio services from a predominantly analogue to a predominantly digital landscape would impact on consumers. The CEG has two representatives on the Digital Radio Action Plan Ministerial Group [link] and task groups on technology and equipment and on market preparation. The CEG also has two representatives on the Digital Television Ministerial Group meetings.

The Consumer Expert Group’s membership is drawn from a range of consumer organisations and citizen groups including those representing  disability groups and older people. Representatives from these organisations specialise in media, communications and access to technology.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CEG or have any comments on the issues it discusses, please contact: The Consumer Expert Group co-ordinator, Media Directorate, 4th Floor, 2-4 Cockspur Street, London SW1Y 5DH.

Consumer Expert Group members

 Roger Darlington  Chair
 Gretel Jones  Age UK (Vice Chair)
 Robert Clark  Voice of the Listener and Viewer
 Gordon Drury  Voice of the Listener and Viewer (Technical Adviser)
 Carole Garfield  Rural Community Councils
 Margaret Grainger  British Wireless for the Blind Fund
 Alison Hopkins  Consumer Focus
 Tim Leech  WaveLength
 Fiona Lennox  Communications Consumer Panel
 Susan Marks  Citizens' Advice
 Laura Matthews  Action on Hearing Loss
 Ruth Myers  Telecommunications Action Group
 Leen Petré  RNIB
 Monica Rivers  MenCap
 Joff McGill  Sense
 Kevin Taylor  Action on Hearing Loss
 Jack Turner  Which?


Consumer Expert Group’s terms of reference

Digital Television Switchover

  • To advise Government, Digital Switchover Helpscheme (DSHS) and Digital UK on:
    • the content of its planned communications with consumers to explain why the UK is switching to digital television
    • ways of ensuring that communications reach all consumers, particularly people who are socially isolated
    • communications and other matters relating to the Help Scheme Project Board's remit
  • To assess what role CEG members and other consumer groups can undertake in comunicating switchover to consumers.
  • To raise any issues that might arise for consumers in relation to the implementation of Digital Switchover.
  • To write any reports deemed necessary to fulfil this remit.
  • Government, DSHS and Digital UK will give due consideration to and respond to reports and other advice received from the CEG.
  • Government, DSHS and DUK will give due consideration to reasonable requests for available information relating to the implementation of switchover received from the CEG.

Digital Radio

  • To advise Government on:
    • The issues arising for consumers of the implementation of the Digital Radio Switchover programme
    • The ways of communicating the principles and impact of the Digital Radio Switchover, including the timetable, to consumers
  • To write any reports deemed necessary to fulfil this remit
  • Government will give due consideration to and respond to reports and other advice received from the CEG


Consumer Expert Group reports

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