Department for Culture Media and Sport


DCMS provides funding for the arts in England, sets arts policy and supports arts based initiatives, often in partnership with other government departments.

DCMS funding is distributed through Arts Council England, the development agency for the arts in England. Arts Council England make all funding decisions at ‘arm’s length’ (independent of, following guidance criteria) from Government.

They fund organisations, events, individuals who use art in their work for artistic and audience development, and increase participation.

You can find out about other areas of our work in the Arts here:

  • Arts and communities: DCMS’s work and projects in promoting the use of the arts to help individuals, communities and support social policy
  • Children and Young People: the department supports specific schemes to help engage young people in the arts
  • Economic Impact: DCMS support for the significant economic contribution that the arts industry makes to our economy
  • Funding for the Arts: this section provides information regarding funding channels for arts organisations and individuals
  • International Arts: we support cultural exchange between the UK and other countries, as well as promoting British arts internationally

Access to the Arts

Access to the Arts can have a lasting and transforming effect on many aspects of people's lives. Research has shown involvement with the arts can increase the overall academic attainment of children, help change the behaviour of offenders and enhance community pride, amongst many other positive outcomes.

It is a strategic Departmental objective to enhance access to the Arts, increasing both the numbers of those taking part in and attending arts events.

Our work in this area includes working with the:

If you are looking for activities taking place near you, use the Arts Council England map tool.