Chair of Board overseeing 4G TV coexistence scheme appointed

DCMS appoints David Hendon.


We have appointed David Hendon to be the Chair of the TV/4G Coexistence Oversight Board.
The Board will replace the Interim Oversight Board on 1 April 2013. Its role will be to oversee the help being offered to consumers affected by television interference caused by the rollout of 4G (superfast mobile internet) in the 800 MHz spectrum band.
The help scheme is delivered by a private company, Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited (DMSL), which is owned by the companies who operate mobile communication networks.
The Oversight Board reports to DCMS and Ofcom. David will be the independent Chair of the Board, which will also have two independent members, who are currently being recruited, representatives of the successful 800 MHz licensees and an equal number of the terrestrial television broadcasters.
DCMS, Ofcom and DMSL will also have non-voting members on the Board.
The ownership of DMSL will change after the current auction to reflect those who successfully win 800 MHz licences.  
David is Chair of the interim Board and successfully applied to be Chair of the permanent Board for a three year term during the recent open competition run by DCMS. David is also a part-time advisor with Ofcom. He was previously Director, Information Economy at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and, prior to that, CEO of the Radiocommunications Agency.
To find out more about DMSL’s help scheme, please visit their website. 

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