Fastest broadband in Europe: delivering infrastructure to boost UK businesses

Moves to fast-track the roll-out of superfast broadband – essential to the UK’s economic future  – are to be announced today by Culture Secretary Maria Miller.


Fibre optic cable image by sally_monster on flickr

A swathe of red tape holding up the delivery of broadband infrastructure is to be swept away, clearing the way for the UK to have the fastest broadband of any major European country.

“Superfast broadband is vital to secure our country’s future – to kick start economic growth and create jobs,” said Maria Miller. “We are putting in the essential infrastructure that will make UK businesses competitive, and sweeping away the red tape that is a barrier to economic recovery.

“The Government means business and we are determined to cut through the bureaucracy that is holding us back.”

Prime Minister David Cameron said superfast broadband is “an essential building block of a growing economy, so we are cutting the red tape”.

Under the new plans:

  • Broadband street cabinets and other infrastructure can be installed without the need for prior approval from the local council (except in Sites of Special Scientific Interest)
  • Broadband companies will face less cost and bureaucracy in laying cables in streets
  • Broadband cables and cabinets can be installed on or under private land without the bureaucratic burden of long-running negotiations

Government is investing £680 million to ensure the UK has the best superfast broadband in Europe by 2015 and will also work with mobile operators, local government and other interested parties to consider ways that the planning process might be streamlined to speed up the deployment of mobile infrastructure.

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