Television licensing and content

TV Licensing

Administration and enforcement of the television licensing system is the responsibility of the BBC, who operate independently of Government.

Day to day administration and enforcement of licence fees is undertaken by TV Licensing, who act as agents for the Corporation.

TV content

Government does not intervene in programme matters, either on arrangements for broadcast scheduling or on content.

Ofcom, the BBC Trust and S4C are independent of the Government and responsible for safeguarding the public interest in broadcasting. They set out the rules and guidance with which broadcasters must comply.

Within this framework, broadcasters’ make judgements about what individual programmes should contain and the time at which they are broadcast.


If there are BBC programmes you are concerned about, convey your views to:

BBC Audience Services
PO Box 1922
Darlington DL3 0UR

Telephone: 03700 100 222

What DCMS do


  • set the licence fee, which funds the BBC
  • encourage strong public service broadcasting, of high quality and variety

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