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Answering questions is a familiar part of any Minister’s responsibilities, either in person, in Parliament or by letter and email.

Ed Vaizey MPWhen Ed Vaizey entered Government, he made clear to the DCMS team his wish to maintain a level of direct contact with many of the people who want to get in touch with him, ask questions, raise issues or make comments and suggestions.

Ask Ed Vaizey is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in arts, culture or the media to email a question directly to the Minister responsible for these sectors.  Questions can be fun or serious, raise issues or make suggestions, but should be brief please.


Please send your questions to us at We'll post the film of Ed's answers on the DCMS website. Ask Ed Vaizey acts as a direct link to the Minister for voters, organisations and others with an interest in our sectors, and provides a new way of getting direct answers to your questions. 

We hope that Ask Ed Vaizey will be enjoyable and accessible, but there are some restrictions on the material we are able to include. While we will try to answer as many questions as possible and cover a broad range of topics, we cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered, particularly if they are unclear, lengthy, similar to other questions, party political, not relevant to the Minister’s portfolio or likely to cause offence. 

Ask Ed Vaizey is a quick fire Q&A, with each edition lasting no more than a few minutes - so please, if you can keep your questions short, and to-the-point, we'll be more likely to be able to use them. We may edit your question for length, but we will always try to maintain the substance of your query. 

Depending on the nature of the query, you may prefer one of the other ways of contacting DCMS. This website is a Government site, so party political content cannot be published under the rules governing the civil service.

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