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business continuity planning

A "business continuity plan" (BCP) is your documented strategy for avoiding or minimising adverse impacts on your business operation should a disaster or failure occur.

These pages offer guidance for our sponsored bodies on business continuity planning.

The current terrorism threat level announced by Government is SEVERE.

After a review there is no change to the Government response level. The response level remains at HEIGHTENED for the whole of the Government estate. The response level will remain under constant review.

This reflects the need to maintain intensified security at this time and departments should continue to apply the associated protective security measures rigorously. Additional, precautionary measures may also be applied for a specific period of time. The need for staff vigilance and awareness remains paramount.

Collaborative working group:

  • Emergency planning group (password required)
    Sharing and promoting best practice and procedures around evacuation, conservation and restoration of national art treasures.

For more information about the collaborative working group or business continuity planning, please contact Gerry Boulton
Tel: 020 7211 2055