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equality & diversity

Everyone should be able to make the most of the rich culture and sport around the country.

The Government recognises six strands of equality and diversity:

  • Race
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion and belief
  • Age

In addition, there are legal duties on public authorities for race, disability and – from April 2007 – gender.

The Department is required to show how it meets these duties through the publication of equality schemes and impact assessments.

Equality Scheme

This scheme incorporates our race equality scheme, disability equality scheme and Northern Ireland scheme.

More information about the duties can be found on the websites of:

We will continue to develop this scheme and welcome your views and suggestions.

DCMS Diversity and Equality stratergy 2008 – 2011

Employment Related Information

Equality Impact Assessments

From December 2006 the Department has introduced an equality impact assessment (EIA) toolkit and guidance covering all six strands. Details of proposed EIAs can be found in our equality scheme.  All completed EIAs and race equality impact assessments (REIAs) will be published here.

Minty and Friend - Involving Disabled People in the DCMS Disability Action Plan

The DCMS published a combined Equality Scheme in December 2006 covering race, equality and gender. The department involved its own diversity network, which includes disabled people, in developing the scheme.  However, they were less successful in involving external disabled stakeholders.

The organisation Minty and Friend, a consultancy specialising in disability issues, was commissioned to help us with this.  The issues identified in their discussions with disabled people have been incorporated into our revised Equality Scheme.

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