Department for Culture Media and Sport

evaluation of tenders

Evaluation of tenders

If you are tendering for a contract with DCMS, your bid will be successful if it is the one that offers the department the best value for money.

You will be informed of the broad evaluation criteria used for assessing bids as part of the tender documentation.

All bidders are assessed against the same criteria.

We award a contract as soon as possible after the assessment process has been completed. This might involve you attending an interview where you can present your bid in more detail.

Unsuccessful tenders

Within the limits of some commercial confidentiality, the department will always offer unsuccessful tenderers the reasons why their bid failed.  Such de-briefing can be by phone or face to face.

This should be viewed as a two way process.

The comments from the department should be viewed as constructive. They are aimed at making unsuccessful tenderers aware of certain weaknesses and strengths and enable them to better compete for future work.