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environmental guidance for procurement

Sustainable Procurement

We are committed to adopting good environmental practice.  While always ensuring best value for money, procurement can play a vital role in assisting green policy objectives.

Some of the ways in which the department incorporates environmental factors into purchasing decisions are:-

  • wherever possible, when specifying goods, ensuring that less environmentally damaging products are referred to.  A simple example would be when ordering furniture, any woods used should be from sustainably grown sources.
  • Calculating the whole life cost of specifying an environmentally friendly product

Under EC Procurement Directives tenderers will not be excluded from bidding on non-economic grounds. Bidders can be excluded if they fail to meet specific green procurement requirements, but not because of other general environmental considerations.

In the 2005 Sustainable Development Strategy, the UK Government stated its ambitious goal to be amongst the leaders in the EU on sustainable procurement by 2009. It recognised that current initiatives alone would not deliver that.

To this end the Sustainable Procurement Task Force (SPTF), jointly funded by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and HM Treasury, was set up under the direction of Sir Neville Simms, Chairman of International Power Plc. and a leading private sector proponent of sustainability.

'Procuring the Future' - The Sustainable Procurement Task Force National Action Plan, delivered its findings and recommendations on 12 June 2006.