Department for Culture Media and Sport

contract strategy

The DCMS is a very small department with a limited budget.  Wherever possible and cost effective we make use of central framework arrangements set up by other government departments.

All requirements go through the procurement team.

Quotations are sought for requirements with estimated value between £1-10k.

Any requirements with an estimated value of £10k+ will go through a formal full tender exercise.

If the estimated cost seems likely to be close to or exceed the EU/WTO thresholds we apply the relevant Public Procurement Regulations.

While individual tendering procedures will be tailored to the specific needs of the contract there are some general principles that we seek to apply:

  • Specifications will focus on the required output and not input
  • All tenderers will have the same chance and be invited on a level playing field
  • Tenders will be clear and easy to understand
  • Over specification will be avoided
  • Enough tenders will be invited to ensure a reasonable competition while avoiding inviting companies just to make up numbers