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Government ministers provide written answers to questions tabled by MPs and Peers.

Written answers from January 2013 onwards can be found on the Hansard website.

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December 2012

  • 20 December – betting, equality, football (sportsgrounds), immigration
  • 19 December – broadcasting programmes, catering, TV licensing. Women and equalities: equal marriage, public appointments
  • 18 December – broadband, mobile phones, tourism,UK Fashion and Textile Association
  • 17 December – Arts Council (National Lottery), clothing, common purpose, consumer protection, creative partnerships, England athletics, EU law, music (children), Ofcom, 2012 Games, pay, public appointments, staff, tourism (marketing). Equalities: public appointments
  • 13 December – Arts Council, culture, Gambling Act 2005, public expenditure, tourism (Devon), work experience. Women and Equalities: pay, public appointments, sick leave
  • 12 December – Advisory Council on Libraries, grants, official hospitality, 2012 Games, parking, public appointments, equalities research
  • 11 December – public appointments
  • 10 December – female human rights
  • 6 December – art work loans, BBC Trust, broadband. culture, practices and ethics of the press inquiry, football (racial discrimination and sports grounds), 2012 Olympics (G4S), telephone services (unsolicited goods and services), William Shakespeare
  • 5 December – film exports
  • 4 December – art work loans, BDUK, culture, employment, females (higher education), gambling, mobile phones, libraries, telecommunications
  • 3 December – Arts Council, arts (ethnic groups), broadband, domestic visits, football: tickets, local government

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November 2012

  • 30 November – arts (ethnic groups), charitable donations
  • 29 November – arts, broadband, charitable donations, dementia, film (advertising), gambling, pay, PLR, females (business)
  • 28 November – Broadband Delivery UK, broadband: Glasgow, broadband: Scotland, internet: data protection, leisure: surveys, music, national lottery
  • 27 November – arts, BBC trust, devolution, football, health lottery, internet, Olympic Games 2012, Sport England
  • 26 November – arts, civil partnerships, football association, grants, nuisance calls, playing fields, sports: clubs, sports: schools, tourism: Yorkshire and the Humber
  • 22 November – problem gambling, media ownership, digital technology, football, training
  • 21 November – BBC Trust, broadband, National Lottery (Olympic Games 2012 & sports), Olympic Lottery, sports: Kent, staff
  • 20 November – broadband, direct selling, employment agencies, music, social networking advertising
  • 19 November – Arts Council England, gun sports, international broadcasting, internet (Gillingham), leisure surveys, pay, social networking advertising, sports participation, universal credit
  • 13 November – BBC Northern Ireland, operating costs, unsolicited telephone calls, video games advertising
  • 12 November – Leveson Inquiry, human rights and religion, sick leave, participation in sports
  • 9 November – absenteeism, arts, broadband, culture, practices and ethics of the press inquiry, dance, Health Lottery, local TV, mobile phones, music, Ofcom, public appointments, recordings, Remembrance Day, sick leave, staff, telephone services, training, written questions
  • 7 November – Broadband Delivery UK, cultural heritage, national lottery, vacancies
  • 6 November – broadband, children, crimes of violence: females, culture, practices and ethics of the press inquiry, mass media, parliament square flags, public libraries: closures, staff
  • 5 November – broadband, Leveson inquiry, museums and galleries, London 2012, public transport: wifi, unsolicited goods and services: mobile phones

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October 2012

  • 31 October – London 2012 and press subscriptions
  • 30 October – billing, broadband, Broadband Delivery UK, local press, mobile phones, London 2012 marketing, press subscriptions, tourism
  • 29 October – art works, billing, broadband, broadcasting reception, creative partnerships, HMS Victory, libraries, local television, civil partnerships , Public Lending Right, sports for the disadvantaged, tourism, UK Sport
  • 26 October – cleaning services, entertainment tickets, London 2012
  • 25 October – digital broadcasting, Government Art Collection Advisory Committee, music tickets, Richard III, sports on TV
  • 24 October – Broadband Delivery UK, broadcasting reception, GCSEs in Pendle, members' correspondence, Non-Departmental Public Bodies
  • 23 October – Atos, Commonwealth Institute, correspondence, creative partnerships, cultural heritage, Government Art Collection, HMS Victory, ministerial policy advisers, music pilot schemes, Nick King, public libraries, Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, swimming pools, sports on TV
  • 22 October – arts, betting shops, women's boxing, cultural heritage, gambling, internet, meetings, music pilot schemes, public consultation, recruitment, tourism
  • 19 October – anniversaries, apprentices, art works, arts, Arts Council England, arts education, assets, Battle of Waterloo anniversary, bell towers, British Library, British Museum, cathedrals, consultants, cultural heritage, direct selling, dismissal, HMS Victory, holiday accommodation, internet, marketing, meetings, museums and galleries, London 2012, procurement, public libraries, public relations, Stonehenge, tourism, World Heritage Sites
  • 18 October – Broadband Delivery UK, broadband, internet, staff
  • 17 October – archaelogy and cultural heritage, arts, broadband, information and communications technology, Newspaper Licensing Agency
  • 16 October – broadband, electronic publishing in libraries, local TV in Bristol
  • 15 October – broadband, broadcasting reception, charities, drinking water, floods in Hartlepool, Freeview, Morecambe, Nottinghamshire, London 2012, pay, plants, procurement, public libraries, research, disability sports, tourism in Lancashire and Yorkshire

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September 2012

  • 18 September – broadband, mobile phones, Sheffield
  • 17 September – forests, High Speed 2 railway line, internet, local broadcasting, London 2012, procurement, rugby, S4C
  • 14 September – media ownership and Sport England
  • 13 September – mobile phone coverage, tourism, listed buildings, competitive sport for disabled people, television reception, broadcasting, school sport, telephone fees and charges
  • 12 September – public libraries, third sector
  • 11 September – rural broadband, football, museums and galleries, music, London 2012, public expenditure, research, tourism, war memorials
  • 10 September – broadband, National Lottery, radio frequencies, sports, unsolicited telephone sales, voluntary work
  • 7 September – broadband, correspondence, digital radio, gambling, licensing, London airports, London 2012, One North West, public sector telephone services, radio frequencies, telephone service fees and charges, war memorials
  • 6 September – boxing, broadband, local broadcasting, London 2012, public libraries, sports, disability sports
  • 5 September – broadband, correspondence, public libraries, swimming pools
  • 3 September – rural broadband, charities, G4S, Maritime Heritage Foundation, mobile phones, London 2012, public libraries, publications, Royal Archives, tourism, salvaging wrecks

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July 2012

  • 17 July – football, mobile phones, Odyssey marine exploration, London 2012, royal archives, telephone services: unsolicited sales
  • 16 July – broadband, mobile phone fees and charges, Ofcom, London 2012, sports VAT, subtitling, VisitEngland
  • 13 July – absenteeism, arts, assets, broadband, ex gratia payments, mobile phones and radio frequencies, public expenditure, staff
  • 12 July – Manchester Declaration, mobile phones, subtitling, tourism
  • 11 July – Atos, broadband, mobile phones, pay, RTE, subtitling, tourism, work experience
  • 10 July – BBC pay, lost working days, Olympic Games 2012, television licensing, tourism, work experience
  • 9 July – broadband, mobile phones, public expenditure, UK Fashion and Textile Association
  • 6 July – arts and cultural events, mobile phones, sports facilities, tourism
  • 5 July – parliamentary private secretaries visits abroad
  • 4 July – direct selling
  • 3 July – broadband, chief scientific advisers, Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund, Rugby League, World War I centenary
  • 2 July – broadband, internet: children, mobile phones, Olympic Games 2012, sports: grants

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June 2012

  • 28 June – arts, email, flags in British Overseas Territories, mental health, mobile phones, press officers, Rebekah Brooks, regulation
  • 27 June – broadband, Leveson Inquiry, local press, mobile phones
  • 26 June – government procurement card, mobile phones, Olympic Games 2012, rural broadband
  • 25 June – arts, energy, government procurement card, Listed Places of Worship grant scheme, mobile phones, radio frequencies
  • 21 June – Freeview, Leveson Inquiry, music grants, pay, public libraries, radio frequencies
  • 20 June – arts, film and television, mobile phones, pay, sports nutrition
  • 19 June – Battle of Waterloo anniversary, broadband, direct selling, Euro 2012, Heritage Lottery Fund: Northern Ireland, sovereignty: Scotland, telecommunications: hearing impairment, video games
  • 18 June – American football, BSkyB/News Corp, broadband, Conservative party/Liberal Democrats, Diamond Jubilee 2012, digital technology, Euro 2012, football, gambling, local press, Low Associates, procurement, regulation, tourism, video games
  • 14 June – engagements/newspapers, atos, BSkyB/News Corp, Diamond Jubilee 2012, digital technology, food advertising, health insurance, Leveson Inquiry, listed buildings, misleading advertising, Olympic Games 2012, radio frequencies, tourism
  • 13 June – broadband
  • 11 June – arts, blue plaques, broadband, charitable donations, claims management companies, complaints, copyright/journalism, correspondence, debts written off, disclosure of information, empty property, fraud, listed buildings, local broadcasting in Wales, mobile phones, museums and galleries, mutual societies, National Lottery, Olympic Games 2012, operating costs, pay, public lending right, publications, tourism

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May 2012

  • 24 May – broadband, communication, digital broadcasting, members correspondence, public sector
  • 23 May – football, lost property, meetings, members, public expenditure, tourism
  • 22 May – credit cards, manpower, Olympic Games 2012, redundancy, trade unions
  • 21 May – anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, broadband, carbon emissions, casinos and bingo clubs, conservative party and liberal democrats, copyright/internet, cultural heritage, food marketing, members correspondence, NDPBs procurement, risk assessment, trade unions, VisitBritain
  • 17 May – arts/charitable donations, BSkyB/News Corp, broadband, cultural heritage, manpower, mobile phones, press, trade unions
  • 16 May – consultants, cricket, direct selling, Leveson Inquiry, mobile phones, video games
  • 15 May – broadband, broadcasting, direct selling, radio frequencies (mobile phones), telephone services
  • 14 May – departmental responsibilities, Olympic Games 2012, sick leave
  • 1 May – BSkyB/News Corp, data protection, gambling, public appointments

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April 2012

  • 30 April – advertising, arts attendance, arts grants, BSkyB/News Corp, gambling, mobile phones, National Lottery, Olympic Games 2012, television
  • 26 April – charitable donations, listed buildings, St George's Day, television, female writers
  • 25 April – advertising, broadband, Broadband Delivery UK, legal costs, museums and galleries, official secrets, performing arts, public consultation, retirement, swimming pools, television, theatre, vacancies, video games
  • 23 April – Addison Lee, animation, art works, broadband, culture, Digital Economy Act 2010, film policy review, Johnston Press, listed buildings, lords lieutenant, manpower, Olympic Games 2012, One North East, public consultation, radio frequencies, redundancy, retirement
  • 19 April – broadband, ministerial meetings, Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme, members' correspondence, Olympic Games 2012, sports charitable donations, travel
  • 18 April – Diamond Jubilee, nuisance telephone calls
  • 17 April – broadband
  • 16 April – Arts Council, bed and breakfast accommodation, broadband, civil service codes of practice, cultural heritage, domestic visits, email, mobile phones, museums and galleries, Olympic Games 2012, radio frequencies, telecommunications, unsolicited text messages, Vodafone Group

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March 2012

  • 27 March – arts, dormant betting accounts, broadband, leisure industry, manpower, London 2012, radio frequencies, Remploy, sports, school sports
  • 26 March – alcoholic drinks advertising, arts, broadband, catering, culture, flowers, folk music, Heritage Lottery Fund, intellectual property, radio frequencies, tourism, video games
  • 22 March – regeneration, arts, film, mobile phones, newspaper press, Press Complaints Commission, tourism
  • 21 March – betting, broadband, digital technology, libraries, mass media
  • 20 March – betting, broadband, electronic Government, lifeguard registration, London 2012, radio frequencies, telecommunications
  • 19 March – betting, British Overseas Territories, broadband, film, Information Commissioner, lost property, Mckinsey and company, procurement, radio frequencies, telecommunications, TV licensing, work experience
  • 15 March – broadband, mobile phones, London 2012, regulations, telephone services, theatres
  • 14 March – food, regulation
  • 13 March – broadband, data protection, libraries, VisitEngland
  • 12 March – Arts Council finance, arts in Scotland, broadband, departmental ethnic minority staff, film, music, London 2012
  • 8 March – arts, departmental responsibilities, departmental secondment, Diamond Jubilee, film, music, public holidays, telecommunications competition, sports on TV
  • 7 March – Asian arts, Diamond Jubilee medals, youth sports
  • 5 March – arts, BBC licensing, departmental carbon emissions, Freeview, mobile phones, National Lottery, radio frequencies, sports, TV licensing
  • 1 March – broadband, departmental regulation, National Railway Museum, London 2012, public libraries

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February 2012

  • 29 February – telecommunications competition, TV licensing
  • 28 February – departmental internet, departmental pay, alcohol licensing, London 2012, public holidays, homophobia in sports, television
  • 27 February – Action for Employment, animation, art counterfeiting, audio equipment, British Horseracing Authority, broadband, counterfeit manufacturing, cultural heritage, departmental senior civil servants, Libraries Act, listed buildings, National Lottery, London 2012, libraries, S4C, telecommunications, library calls, third sector
  • 23 February – mobile phones, radio
  • 22 February – counterfeit manufacturing, London 2012 tickets
  • 21 February – arts, broadband, broadcasting, clothing design, Diamond Jubilee, football, libraries, local radio, London 2012, performing arts, postage stamps, royal family, S4C, tickets
  • 9 February – public service broadcasters, superfast broadband, arts finance, departmental contracts, Olympic Games, local TV, tourism, First World War anniversaries
  • 8 February – departmental recruitment, tourism in Cumbria
  • 7 February – broadband, departmental billing, departmental food, departmental training, Digital Economy Act, mobile phones, Olympic Games
  • 6 February – arts, Arts Council, broadband, broadcasting, connecting cites, departmental manpower, Diamond Jubilee, football, libraries, mobile phones, Olympic Games, press, libraries, radio frequencies, Round Peg Field Research, Telecoms Council
  • 2 February – BDUK, video games
  • 1 February – copyright, Olympic Games

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January 2012

  • 31 January – abortion advertising, departmental travel, departmental work experience, historic buildings, Olympic Games, Phonepayplus, RTE in Northern Ireland, First World War
  • 30 January – BBC, Freedom of Information, Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme, monuments, music, National Lottery, Olympic Games, sport, trade promotion, voluntary organisations
  • 26 January – arts, broadband, internet copyright, departmental manpower, football, libraries, Welsh radio, Wedgwood Museum
  • 25 January – departmental drinks, football clubs, Supporters Direct
  • 24 January – football, piracy
  • 23 January – advertising, broadband, Diamond Jubilee, HMS Ark Royal, Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme, sports, television advertising, third sector
  • 20 January – arts, Diamond Jubilee, digital broadcasting, EU law, Ofcom, radio frequencies, telephones, third sector, tourism
  • 19 January – Christmas, departmental data protection, EU law, football, London 2012 advertising, Phonepayplus, radio frequencies
  • 18 January – arts, departmental manpower, departmental pay, departmental responsibilities, departmental work experience
  • 17 January – arts, broadband, Charles Dickens, English Heritage, Get Set Network, members' correspondence, mobile phones, London 2012, sports, war memorials maintenance
  • 16 January – advertising, arts, audio equipment, BBC, broadband, civil wars, departmental apprentices, digital broadcasting, direct selling, EU law, Libraries and Museums Act 1964, radio frequencies
  • 12 January – Olympic Games, tourism
  • 11 January – Big Lottery Fund, works of art
  • 10 January – Arts Council England, BBC, broadband, cooperatives, music copyright, debt collection, departmental (advertising, apprentices, catering, equality, manpower, recruitment, redundancy pay, temping), Diamond Jubilee, digital technology, infrastructure, local broadcasting, mobile phones, museums and galleries, official hospitality, London 2012, radio frequencies, sign language, Sikhs, telephone services, disability sport

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