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public appointments

The Arm's-Length Bodies we fund are run by boards to which we appoint members and chairs.

Arm's-Length Bodies help us make and apply policies in areas where expertise and understanding from from particular specialists outside government are needed. 

We are responsible for over 40 bodies, which are funded by DCMS while being independent. These cover all of our sectors, from gambling to galleries, broadcasting to the performing arts, film to football. Examples include:

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We believe appointees should be the best people for the job should also be in touch with and reflect the communities they serve.

We encourage talented and appropriately skilled men and women, with flair and creativity, to apply to join our boards. Each year more than 100 people are appointed or reappointed. In total we have almost 400 people appointed to the boards of our Arm’s-Length Bodies.

Our Public Appointments Team manages the appointments process, making sure the Commissioner's Code of Practice is followed.

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