Department for Culture Media and Sport

stage one

The process for filling all vacancies begins with creating a role specification, which takes account of the board skills needed by the public body at that time.

It is a requirement of the OCPA Code of Practice that people must be made aware of vacancies on our boards through a proportionate method of publicity.

We publicise all our vacancies on the Department's website and that of the Cabinet Office for a minimum period of three weeks.  It is also DCMS policy to advertise paid Chair posts and other high profile posts in the national press, specialist journals or other target publications.

The application packs we send to people who respond to the publicity will contain:

  • The role specification
  • Our application form
  • Our monitoring form

We also direct people to the generic background information on public appointments available elsewhere on this website:

  • Our leaflet about DCMS public bodies
  • Our Guidance on Probity and Conflicts of Interest
  • DCMS / Charity Commission Guidance for Trustees of Charitable Organisations
  • OCPA leaflet on OCPA rules and complaints
  • Cabinet Office guidance for board members

We specify a closing date for applications, which is binding.

In addition to advertising, we search for potentially qualified candidates and alert them to the publicity, however all candidates must submit an application by the closing date and go through the same process.

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