Department for Culture Media and Sport

stage three

Shortlisted candidates are invited to interview, where they will be asked about the skills and experience considered relevant to the vacancy, with reference to the published criteria. As at the sift, the panel comprises a senior DCMS official (who chairs the process), an Independent Public Appointments Assessor and, when we are seeking members of a board rather than a Chair, the Chair of the body in question or another representative.  If it is a Chair vacancy that we are filling, we will invite onto the panel someone knowledgeable about the sector or how our public bodies operate.

Only in the most exceptional circumstances will the membership of the interview panel differ in any way from that of the sifting panel. We brief members of the interview panel to ensure that they understand what they are required to do, and the results of each interview are recorded.

The purpose of this stage is to determine which of the candidates best meet the criteria for the vacancy. The panel sends a report to Ministers indicating which candidates are appointable, and also those who seem best qualified for appointment.  If Ministers disagree with the panel's report, they must have an objective reason for doing so, based on merit.


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