Department for Culture Media and Sport

public bodies

We are responsible for 47 public bodies that help deliver our strategic aims and objectives.

These include:


The Public Bodies Directory provides the details of these bodies including financial information and statistical data.


The type of classification reflects a body's funding arrangements, functions and kinds of activity.


These are bodies that have a role in the process of government but are not a government department or part of one and operate at an arm's length from Ministers. There are three types of NDPB:

  • Executive – of which we have 32
  • Advisory – of which we have five
  • Tribunal – of which we have one

Full details of our NDPBs

Public corporations

These are market bodies that derive more than 50% of their income from the sale of goods and services. They are owned or controlled by central government but enjoy a lower degree of government control than NDPBs.

Full details of our public corporations 

Public broadcasting authority

This is a unique public body category currently encompassing the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru, the Welsh Fourth Channel Authority).

Full details of our public broadcasting authorities

An executive agency

These operate within a government department but are a separate management unit. Our only executive agency is the Royal Parks Agency.