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publication scheme

The term 'publication' refers to information that is available to the public in a variety of formats: for example paper or electronic online based reports or via the Department's web pages.

The Publication Scheme specifies the following:

  • The classes of information that we publish or intend to publish
  • The manner in which information in each class is or is intended to be published
  • Whether the information is, or is intended to be, available free of charge or on payment

The Model Publication Scheme 2009

We follow the Model Publication Scheme (PDF49kb). The Scheme does not cover the Publication Schemes of our sponsored bodies - information about these may be obtained from the individual organisations.

What are the charges?

Our aim is to make as much information as possible available free of charge.

At present there will be no charge for information available on our website. Published documents, for example legislation, will have links to the appropriate web site where a charge may be made. Where a charge is applicable this will be indicated with a pound sign "£".

A paper copy of the information contained on our website (including paper copies of reports available in electronic form) is available on request (see 'How to Contact Us'.)

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