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Some of the bodies that are sponsored by DCMS are already leading the way in helping to address Climate Change through awareness raising, research, guidance and practical implementation.

Here are a few examples of what DCMS related organisations are doing.

English Heritage: Climate Change and your home

The English Heritage Climate Change web portal helps owners of traditionally constructed houses, largely those built before 1919, to understand potential impacts of climate change on older buildings and possible adaptation measures. The website is interactive. Homeowners can submit information on their property and receive relevant advice.

Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment: Sustainable Cities

The Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) web based learning resource: Sustainable Places helps local authority leaders mitigate and adapt to climate change. Focusing on the town and city scale, the website provides expert advice and best practice on:

  • energy
  • waste
  • transport
  • green infrastructure
  • public space
  • leadership

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South Kensington Estate: Carbon reduction master plan

A unique collaboration between the major institutions of the South Kensington Estate, the V&A, the Science Museum, the Royal Albert Hall and the Imperial College will lead to a ten year carbon reduction master plan. The Invest to Save grant was awarded to the National History Museum in 2006 to co-ordinate a pioneering project to:

  • measure energy flows and usage in all the buildings
  • deliver real changes in operating practices
  • provide an opportunity for CHP and Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
  • deliver near-term energy and carbon savings
  • instigate energy awareness campaigns
  • disseminate findings across the UK and internationally

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The Theatres Trust: ECOVENUE

The Trust is committed to achieving sustainability for theatre buildings to protect theatre use. The three year Ecovenue project, launched in September 2009, provides environmental improvement advice to 48 London theatres.

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